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Volunteer Project-Santa Volunteers are known as ELPHs. The acronym stands for
Education. Leadership. Philanthropy. Heart.


The following departments of Santa's workshop are in need of ELPHs. If you see something that interests you and you'd like to become an ELPH, let us know. All positions begin the first of each year, so if this is winter, you'll be signing up for the next year's events. We take on ELPHs throughout the year but once November hits, due to the complexity of Santa's winter run, all potential new ELPHs at that time will start the following year.

Santa's Toy Makers -
ELPHs in Santa's toy shop spend all year making toys for all the boys and girls (dogs and cats) at the animal shelters. Rope toys, agility equipment, cots, cat toys and more. Toy Makers also hold classes for shelter volunteers and community groups, teaching them the crafts of Santa's workshop. If you'd like to be a Toy Maker, email us at

Sleigh Team -
ELPHs on Santa's sleigh team spend all year waiting for the chance to pick up gifts from our collection bins, sort and catalog, and then help deliver goodies and presents to our shelters. ELPHs in this capacity need to be responsible, able to follow specific guidelines set forth and have their own (four wheeled minimum) transportation. If you'd like to join the Sleigh Team email us at

Marketing and PR -
Can you believe there are still folks in Buncombe, Polk, and Henderson Counties that don't know what Project-Santa is? We need ELPHs who enjoy being in the public eye as well as those who enjoy being behind the scenes. There are so many aspects of PR and Marketing to cover that I'm sure I'll miss something.
Internet - We need ELPHs who can post events to the web (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Meetup, etc).
Visibility - We need ELPHs who can talk to businesses to put up fliers and other announcements, submit approved blurbs magazines, papers, blogs, and more.
Newsletter - we'd like to have a newsletter; something that can go out to fans, sponsors, and more.
Events - We're big on events. We hold our own adoption events and attend the events of others. We're always in need of folks that can help out or even run the show.
If you think you're calling is PR email us at

If you are interested in more than one position just let us know. We are also looking for a special person (3 special people), errr ELPHs, to head up each department.

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